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Greener Planet


We are very passionate about sustainability at VE Shoes and that commitment has extended to our new stock of water shoes.  From sizes 3/4 upwards, they're recyclable, showcasing our unwavering commitment to greener footwear.

What to do when you are finished with your shoes?

They can be disposed of sustainably by:

  • Using a Recycling Centre

  • Donate to Charity Shops

  • Pass onto a family member or friend

  • Shoe Banks

Green Recycle Symbol

Durable Design

VE Shoe was always mindful that we wanted to make a shoe that was not only stylish but of high quality and long lasting.  To achieve this, we use premium materials and skilled professionals to ensure that our products stand the test of time.  Our unwavering commitment to quality means that investing in a pair of VE Shoes not only provides high-performance footwear but also helps to reduce the frequency of replacements.  As a company, we are dedicated to promoting mindful purchasing habits that priortise sustainability and avoid overconsumption, ultimately reducing the strain on our planet's resources.

Waterproof Bag & 100% Eco Friendly Packaging

When we designed our shoes we understood the need for a bag to put your wet/dry shoes in that wouldn't take up much room and wouldn't leave your bag and contents feeling totally wet.  This is why we provide a free waterproof bag with every pair of VE Shoes and now from sizes 3/4 upwards our bags are at least 30% made of recycled materials.

We're also dedicated to cutting waste, which is why all our shoes are delivered in 100% Eco Friendly bags.

Our choice of Suppliers and Freight

At first, we had set our sights on producing our VE Shoes in the UK.  However, despite our best efforts, we couldn't find a manufacturer in the UK that could meet our rigorous quality standards. We did, however, have a contact in China that we knew who was thoroughly vetted for ethical work practices, ensuring fair labour and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain.

Even though production is overseas, we're committed to being responsible for our environmental impact. To that end, we've opted to ship our products by boat instead of air freight, which helps reduce our carbon footprint and minimize emissions from our business.

Cargo Ship at Sea
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